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Welcome the CCSA Task Force!
You are the best of the best, the few who dare to investigate CrimeCorp San Andreas. Now I imagine that you want some cases but first check out the rules below.

Getting Started.
Having trouble getting the hand of things? No problem, this is something most recruit need to do before they can do real cases. Make sure that you are a member of both CrimeCorp San Andreas ( http://crimecorp.iclanweb ... ) as a member of the LSPD and this website.

As a Patrol Officer and Sergeant 
As a Patrol Officer you will usually do standard patrol jobs listed in the Patrol Officer Tab. Some will require you to go in GTA Online and wait for someone to rob a store, or you might have to go on Crime Corp and have someone act like a street thug for your journals. The same applies for the Sergeants.

As you Advance in Your Career 
As you advance as a better officer you will need to request cases from the FIB or you can find a case on the CCSA website to investigate. Remember be respectful to your teammates, you are fighting for the same cause.

Good Luck
Good luck on your journey through the ranks on the LSPD and FIB. So without further ado, lets go catch some bad guys.
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